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6-of-10 Book Authors
Blame Poor Book Sales
On Their Inability To
Have Their Books Found
The SECRET To Being Found
Inside of Amazon’s Website
Is Proper Category Placement

But, where does one begin with the placement of their books into the right Amazon sub-categories / sub-genres?

After all…

  • Amazon KDP Ebooks has 5537 sub-categories in it!

  • Amazon Print Books has 14728 sub-categories in it!

Those kinds of numbers are absolutely staggering!

And to imagine going to Amazon to drill-down into the depths of its sub-categories to find where to place your books is even more incomprehensible…

You could literally spend days trying to identify the two sub-categories where you believe your books would be best served in the race to get noticed!

But, What If…

What If Someone Were To Develop
Research Tools That Would Allow You
To Cut Through the Clutter in Minutes?

What if someone were to develop highly-specialized search tools specifically for book authors that would allow them to dig deep, dig fast, and quickly get to the heart of the questions they need answered?

What if you could simply type in your search keyword, choose one additional parameter from a list, then click Search…

And to see the software spit out in a fraction of a second the exact categories where you might consider placing your books — complete with links that would take you directly to the sub-category pages within Amazon, so you can scope out your competition?

Wouldn’t that just be absolutely incredible? A real time saver?

It could be a real game-changer for you to put your books into the “right sub-categories”, instead of putting them where you finally decided to put them, because you were tired of searching Amazon’s sub-category trees?

Welcome to KDResearch

I am just scratching the surface at this point…

Did you know that the keywords you choose to describe your books could impact your ability to have your books placed in certain sub-categories?

I didn’t! And, I have been navigating the Amazon website for years looking for clues as to how I can help my books be discovered by Amazon’s customers more easily.

There are in fact 703 sub-categories that have certain “Keyword Requirements” for your books to be placed in those sub-categories!

You can find this information on Amazon, but it is not easy to locate, and when you find it, it takes a long time to ferret out the information you actually need because the actual information is scattered over one dozen web pages.

Within KDResearch, we have collected this information and put it into a single database, so that you can access the information you need quickly.

We provide access to this additional research tool that will allow you to immediately discover what Keywords may be required for the sub-categories where you will want to place your ebooks and books inside of the Amazon website.

Book Author Research Tools
To Make Your Life Easier

KDResearch currently has three highly-specialized research tools for book authors:

  1. Amazon KDP Ebook Categories Search – Drill down to find the best sub-categories for your KDP Ebooks;

  2. Amazon Print Book Categories Search – Quickly cut through the clutter to find the best sub-categories for your Print Books on Amazon;

  3. Required Keywords Search – Discover whether there are any “Required Keywords” that are necessary for you to get your ebooks and books into the sub-categories where you would like to see them placed.

Under Development:

  1. Keyword Search – What are the top categories associated with books that rank for your target keywords?

  2. Category Search – What are the other top categories associated with books that are listed in a particular sub-category?
How Much Is Your Time
Worth To You?

It is an important question really… How much is YOUR TIME worth to you?

Because all of the research you can find within this website can be discovered IF you want to spend more of your time to do it…

If you are:

  • Willing to spend hours or days to figure out which sub-categories within the Amazon website are best for your ebooks and books, then more power to you.

  • Willing to settle for the sub-categories that may not be best for your ebooks or books, but instead choose the first sub-categories you find that might look like a good fit for you, then that is your choice to make.

  • Willing to spend another hour each and every time you release a book to make sure you are using the right keywords with your books, then that is okay too.

See… The thing is that I know human nature… And human nature will necessitate that most of you will settle for the first category that looks good, even if doing so is to the detriment of your book sales.

It is just too much work to spend all day on Amazon trying to find the right sub-categories for your ebooks and books.

I know this, because I used to be the same darn way. 🙂

Then a buddy was giving me a hard time about my sub-category selection and recommended a different sub-category. I gave his idea a shot.

Much to my shock and horror, my book sales increased immediately!

“Shock” and “horror”, because if I had taken the time to do it right from the beginning, I could have been earning larger book royalty checks for months, instead of just days!

“Shock” and “horror” that cutting corners on sub-category selection could have such a detrimental effect on my book sales!

Improve Your Amazon Sub-Category Research
and Still Have More Time Available for Writing

As writers, most of us would prefer to have more time for writing and less time devoted to issues such as how to get our books discovered by the people who would like to read them…

With KDResearch, you could actually spend less time on sub-category selection and still get better discover-ability than you have seen in the past.

And it is only going to get better with time, as we add more Author Research Tools to the program.

More tools will be coming as we decide how we can help more authors complete essential research tasks with less time invested in the actual processes.

Additionally, we will be updating the Amazon Category Trees regularly, so that we can stay on top of any changes that Amazon may make in their sub-category offerings.

Outside of Amazon, you will have a hard time finding a more up-to-date database of Amazon KDP and Print Book Sub-Categories.

We know… Because we tried to find the data through other websites… In the end, we had to build our own spider to ensure accuracy to within the last two years. 😉 And like I said, we will be updating our database regularly.

There Are Very Few Things
You Can Do Easily That Will Result In
Larger Royalty Checks for Your Books

In fact, there are ONLY three things that I have seen deliver immediate sales boosts to books listed on Amazon:

  1. Changing Your Chosen Sub-Genres
  2. Improving Your Book Descriptions
  3. Running a Little Bit of Advertising

KDResearch is going to help you with the first one…

Here is the thing about Changing Your Chosen Sub-Categories

  • This is ONE improvement that everyone reading this page can make to ensure your books are in the “right categories” to help your books get found, instead of the “easiest to locate categories” when you are publishing your book.

  • ONE simple change will allow Amazon to direct more of their customers to your books.

  • ONE powerful update on your book listing could potentially put your book in front of thousands of new customers every day.

  • Just this ONE incredibly easy step has a lot of potential — it could increase your book sales by hundreds of units per month.

KDResearch is going to give you the Powerful Research Tools you need, to know what sub-genres you should use to find an audience for your books.

KDResearch is going to take a task that we all know we should be doing and make it so darn easy that we will no longer have an excuse for why we don’t do it for our books.

And here is the part that might just blow your mind…

KDResearch is priced so inexpensively that jaws are hitting the floor all around us… 🙂

I have literally been asked by a dozen people if the price on this offer was a typo. It’s not a typo…

Take A Quick Tour Of Our Member’s Area
With The Following Video Walk-Through

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is this software the same as KDResearcher, published by Bill Platt & Sam England a few years ago?

A1: It is not the same software.

Although Bill Platt purchased both domain names several years ago, KDResearch has very little in common with KDResearcher.

KDResearcher allowed you to see 100 search results in the same window within its desktop software, and it allowed you to sort the books shown by price, number of reviews and other factors, based on the category you chose from a short list of categories.

KDResearch allows you to uncover ALL of the sub-categories / sub-genres within the Amazon directory tree related to your specific keywords, and it allows you to quickly discover which of the 703 categories have keyword restrictions attached to them.

Please Consider One Of Our
Following Membership Plans

With this website, we wanted to keep things simple, very simple…

We have two plans available, both are annual plans:

  1. Annual Subscription – Lock into our Annual Subscription, and you will be billed once a year for access at the same set price every year.

  2. One-Year Membership – Buy one year at a time and avoid the subscription plan. If we raise our rates at some point in the future, you will not be guaranteed the same low introductory rate — as you see now — for this program.

Because the prices for our annual plans are so inexpensive, we will not be offering monthly or quarterly plans for this membership website.

Limited Time Introductory Price

So the price on this page is not a typo, but it is also not my “forever price”…

Tick, tock…

In fact, the price as you see it right now is my Limited Time Introductory Price

But right now and for a very short time, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that price to gain one year’s worth of access to these awesome, time-saving, author research tools…

As we increase the number of research tools on this website, you will get access to those additional tools also for no additional cost…

By the end of your first year using this website, you will likely count the KDResearch program to be among one of the best decisions you made all year. Especially considering the price at which you can purchase your one-year membership subscription at today…

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